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Every book manuscript is written with attention to detail every word of the way.

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Every bundle includes covers for print, audio publication, and Kindle e-books.

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Your perfectly formatted book comes with inside and back cover descriptions optimized to sell.

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Collaborate with your writer and track your book every word of the way with your Order Management Platform.


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Book Descriptions

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3900+ published authors have trusted us to bring their book to life.

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Non-fiction or fiction, we have high-quality writers for every genre.

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Our team of established writers have written more than 86 millions words since 2018.

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Book Bundles are ideal for businesses looking to establish credibility, add additional revenue streams, and expand their reach on and offline

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Book Bundles allow personal brands and entrepreneurs to establish "expert status" while gaining new leads and potential clients.

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If you have a dream of publishing a book or adding another book to an existing series, our skilled ghostwriters can support you every step of the way.