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Why e-bookwriter

Your One Stop Shop for eBook Writing

EBOOK WRITER offers you the opportunity to get your book published in paperback or hardcover from a single source. Either you are an individual author seeking to make your mark in literary circles, or represent a company interested in purchasing the best book writing and publishing services, EBOOKWRITER has what it takes to direct your project towards success.

Just share your vision with us and we will deliver your book complete with interactive design and covers. Our following differentiators will pave the way to make your idea a reality! So, let’s Schedule a meeting with us now to discuss your thoughts:

About eBook Writers

There are pretty much good reasons, You should choose eBook Writers

Our team of versatile in-house writers have one thing in common- their passion for writing. Some have educational background of business, communication, and arts while others are full engineers, CPAs, doctors, PhDs and more.

Even the best product can’t sell without packaging. Designing is what gives personality to your eBook. The fact is; people look at covers before they read titles. Our cover and design layout ensure the right person doesn’t miss noticing your eBook.

Editors champion each project from the outset; briefing writers about the flow, tone of voice and research material a project initiation. Our rare breed of editors were actually exceptional writers handpicked and promoted to ensure their success could be replicated across the board.

Our process ensures that you don’t have to repeat suggestions to a different set of people every time you have an idea. You’ll have access to a dedicated business manager from day one until you’ve had the chance to approve the final draft.

Book writing is a complicated process that we have made simple. Sooner or later, you might have a change of heart about a chapter, character development, or you might want to flip the script. We offer unlimited revisions to ensure that the final draft lives up to your expectations.

Someone from our support team is available to pick up your call or discuss your requirements on chat 24 hours each day, except Sunday. They will convey your message to the writer, editor, or to whoever it is you need to get in touch with as soon as possible.

Book Narration

Get your book narrated from one of our expert in a very clear voice. We have very good narration team having most of native English speakers.

Multiple Printing Options

Want to see your book in print? Do you want a few or even hundreds of copies of your book? No problem. We’ll print your book in paperback or hardcover and deliver it to your doorstep if needed. Start a chat with one of our business manager to find out more.


eBooks don’t just sell themselves. Get your book the sales traction by implementing a custom marketing plan.

Online Publishing

Market your book online to share it with the world! We have a combination of different options that’ll help you publish your book online. From Amazon to your website, our team will publish your book the way you want it published.

Want to know more? Contact us and we’ll let you know everything you want!

Our huge roster of talented writers execute on all types of written content.

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